Foodstuff packaging: Bring your supplier along for advice

Foodstuff packaging

As a consumer, you can only be satisfied that there are strict legal requirements for the materials in which our food is packaged. The regulation can be difficult for you as a manufacturer to work around and can limit your packaging design ideas. That is why it could be a good idea to involve us early in the process and prevent waste of time and money on ideas that doesn’t fulfill quality or legal requirements.

Fixed guidelines

Multiple standards set global guidelines for suppliers of packaging materials. The British BRC, which has one of the strictest standards, is the most common used in our nation. You can learn more about the British Retail Chains’ association, which is the driving force behind the standard, here.

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Many considerations...

Food packaging must protect the product, preserve flavour and taste, ensure shelf life and appeal to consumers at the same time. It also has to be functional: a stylish design may look great, but if the packaging is impractical, customers will only buy the item once. You also need to take packing and production line into consideration. Perhaps a clever dispenser for the mint pastilles or a special developed lid can improve your product.

... and many possibilities

Paper, cardboard, plastic or tin, can be used as packaging for food, and at the same time care for the environment without sacrificing quality. If you are looking into packaging for a series of products, it can be elegant with generic boxes and distinguish them by sleeves. This is also a clear signal to consumers that the focus is on sustainability.

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