Bags as packaging are a sustainable type of branding.

Sustainable bags

When the Danes picked up their takeout in January 2021, many learned about the new bag regulations: the pizza is no longer passed over the counter in a thin, crackling plastic bag, and the carrying bag with a handle costs DKK 4. There is a great demand for sustainable products, so bags as packaging are not yet a closed chapter. In the end, if the packaging is of good quality and the design is appealing, customers are more likely to reuse it.

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Paper, fabric or plastic? It depends entirely on the purpose. It is possible for all our materials to be turned into sustainable bags, and you can get inspiration and advice from your supplier. It might be an idea to replace the traditional paper bag with a small fabric bag with a drawstring hem, which customers can use for small items afterwards.

The following is a brief overview of the various materials that can be used for sustainable bags.

Paper bags can either be recycled paper or FSC-marked paper (Forest Stewardship Council). The presence of an FSC mark ensures that the paper comes from forests where no more trees are felled than can be regrown. Plant and animal life are protected, and the workers are provided with respectable working conditions.

Cloth bags can, for example, be made of organic cotton or GOTS-certified cotton. Global Organic Textile Standard, or GOTS, is an independent certification that considers the whole life cycle of the product. The brand ensures that the individuals involved in production have safe working conditions in addition to taking environmental and ecological concerns into account. Cotton can also be labeled with the GRS, Global Recycled Standard. This means that the product was created under ethical working conditions and that at least 50% of the material was recycled.

For an extra durable bag, it can be made of polypropylene (PP). Polypropylene is an environmentally friendly alternative to nylon and polyester, which can contain up to 20% recycled plastic. Or RPET, 100% recycled PET, which you know from plastic bottles.

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