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Our process

We work with carefully selected factories and use special selected materials to make sure your packaging is of top quality —and maybe even with a little something more. Right here you can get an impression of the workflow in a packaging project. Right here you can get an impression of the workflow in a packaging project.


Internal design team
Our in-house designers will help you turn your ideas into reality. We will choose the best packaging option based on your product and project to make sure that your product stands out on the shelf.

Product development​​
We collaborate with you throughout the development process, assisting you in choosing the right constructions and materials to obtain the best packaging solution for your needs.

Our in-house 3D design team can generate a 3D model of your new packaging before we begin the “real” production. In this way you can get a clear picture of your final packaging early in the process. This helps you see the final product clearly.

See the packaging in 3D

See your product before it is produced

We offer to create computer-generated 3D models of your packaging so that you can view and evaluate the solution.

Having a complete 3D visualization of your product and packaging gives you a sense of security that the packaging will “work” as expected.

Customers of Conzept International have the chance to confirm that their packaging fulfills their needs before it is produced. Additionally, we are able to integrate the packaging into a real-world retail setting so you can see how your product appears on the shelves.

Furthermore, we include 3D technology into our manufacturing processes, allowing us to give you a production drawing of your packagaging that is far more precise than what is feasible with 2D drawings.

Conzept international emballage organic spices

Design, innovation and new trends

Should the design of your packaging be so creative and thoughtful that buyers post photos of it on Instagram? Maybe even a video of the unboxing itself?

Should the packaging material make it clear that you are choosing packaging while keeping the environment in mind? Is it important to differentiate yourself from the competitors? Are there other conditions we need to take into account?

Conzept International participates in the biggest trade shows both domestically and internationally, we do store checks, and collaborates with trend researchers so that we are constantly informed of new the newest trends — including those in your business.

Designing new packaging is equally about functionality and visual expression. We would like to challenge the traditional packaging:

  • What should the packaging actually be able to do?
  • Can we use a better material or develop a solution that is more sustainable?


Our goal when meeting a new customer is to form a long-term partnership where we contribute to the design of the packaging, from ideas and sketches to the finished product. We would like to actively contribute to your business, your sales and ultimately an increased margin.

We consider the whole lifecycle of the packaging, including filling, packing, delivery, placement in the store, unpacking, waste sorting, and recycling. We also take into account the visual elements and functional qualities.

Participating in the entire process allows us to guarantee quality and the sustainability of every area of manufacturing. Environmental certifications and labeling have a role in the entire picture.

Service teams
We have one of the best order and service team in the industry. We manage every project professionally and do everything we can to provide you with the best possible service. From the initial idea to the finished product, we effectively manage the process and ensure accurate and timely delivery.

Before, during, and after, we work with you to evaluate each phase of the process. It is important for us to keep track of the projects and make sure that our work meets your requirements.

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