Respect for people and the environment


At Conzept International, accountability is key to how we produce our packaging, how it is used and finally how it is waste sorted. We develop sustainable and innovative solutions and are ambitious about how we can re-think the way we produce and how the packaging is being used.

This is the reason why the the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals , serve as a foundation for our corporate strategy and day-to-day operations. We want to guide our customers to make more environmental responsible decisions, in order to move in a more sustainable direction.


CSR and sustainability

At Conzept International, we strive to run our business in such a way, that negative impacts are minimized and positive effects on people, the environment, and the economy are optimized. Working mostly with SA8000-certified manufacturers help us achieve our goal of maintaining a balance between the social, environmental, and economic aspects of production. The SA8000 certification is based on UN human rights and involves ensuring safe working conditions.

Environmental policy

The environment is important to our company. Our business is very conscious of its environmental impact and we work hard to reduce it. Working with ISO 14001-certified factories helps us achieve this goal since it establishes the foundation for a strong, obvious, and dedicated environmental management.

Furthermore, ISO 14001 promotes a life-cycle perspective, which requires that our company takes a product’s whole life cycle into account. In order to foster a culture of environmental awareness, we demand that our suppliers and other business partners uphold and comply with our environmental policy.

Conzept international emballage bæredygtig ansvarlighed
Conzept international emballage bæredygtig ansvarlighed


We choose business partners and suppliers who meet our standards for expertise, knowledge, and high quality. We prioritize long-term collaborations where there is a common understanding of quality, adaptability and price. Additionally, it is crucial that we collaborate on material development and production process improvement so that we can be proactive in relation to our customers’ needs.

FSC® – Forest Stewardship Council®

The international FSC certification ensures sustainable use of paper and wood. FSC only cut the amount of wood necessary for the forest to reproduce. It protects plant and animal life and provides good working conditions for those who work there. Conzept International is FSC-certified and we can label your packaging to show your customers that you alaso share their concern for the environment.

fsc og Conzept International

Did you know...

More than half of Danish customers are aware of the FSC label.

The Nordic Eco-label

Are you displaying the Nordic Eco-label on your product? Or about to do so? The Nordic Eco Label emphasizes environmental protection throughout a product’s life cycle. As a result, Conzept is a reliable packaging partner. We place a strong emphasis on making sure that the packaging can be accurately separated so that materials like paper, cardboard, hard plastic, and metals can be recycled and turned into new items.

Genbrug banner

Did you know...

Over 90% of Danes are familiar with The Nordic Eco Label. 3 out of 5 consumers look for the mark while shopping.

Code of Conduct

For the factories we work with, Conzept International has created a Code of Conduct that serves as a set of moral guidelines. We expect all of our suppliers, as well as their partners, to maintain the principles and standards forth in our Code of Conduct. Our ability to ensure that the working conditions among our suppliers around the world meet our standards and guidelines—while naturally following the local laws and regulations—is extremely important to us.

Code of Conduct

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