Tin is a great material for packaging.

Tin packaging

We know what you think, but the prejudice is not always right. Tin is a great material for packaging. The flexible and strong material has been used since ancient times and is still a good option if the packaging needs to match or even improve the quality of the product.

Emballage til krydderi

Tin has the benefit of being 100% recyclable without deteriorating its quality, which makes it sustainable. It just needs to be properly sorted for waste. The metal can be shaped and molded precisely as desired, and it is also great material for food – just think of elegant tea tins or a innovative chocolate tin. According to the Danish Food and Drug Administration’s publication “Know the Chemistry,” the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration advises storing any leftover mackerel in a different container largely for taste reasons.

Controlling the manufacturing

Tin boxes are often manufactured in China and Eastern Europe. Our partners live up to global standards, such as the British BRC certification, and we ensure quality and on-time delivery. Tin is a cost efficient material to use, and together with the right design, it can become so attractive that the customer chooses to reuse them. This second-life is underrated and is good news for the environment and your brand.

plusplus emballage kasse

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