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The more unique your product is, the more of an impact the packaging has on the overall experience. With Conzept as your partner, you can ask for our assistance with the design. We make sure the packaging lives up to your expectations as well as the content.

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Regardless of whether you sell in-store or online, your packaging needs to be properly labeled. We would be pleased to assist you in creating everything from the product packaging to the bag the consumer receives the packaging in, and perhaps even the receipt holder. When everything is in place, your customer has an unique experience.

When we develop the solution, we keep in mind the communication on your package and the “unboxing” experience if you sell a lot of your products online.

Product development

Solutions that work

Our packaging designs consider how the product will be delivered and displayed. Whether you sell in-store or online, both components are essential.

A very good idea is often an inlay solution. They minimize the possibility of things breaking while being transported to the client while also protecting the environment.

To ensure the solution will function in practice, we can create or print 3D mock-ups during the design process.

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We work with a variety of materials, such as cardboard and metal, while putting the environment first. Would you, for instance, want a lovely gift box with the perfect embossing? Or perhaps a beautiful tin can with a shiny surface? We make boxes that meet both requirements. Customers of Conzept International have the option to select from a variety of sustainable materials to suit their unique needs and preferences.

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