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Cosmetics and personal care

Cosmetics and personal care products today must be both allergy-friendly and sustainable. Conzept International has many years of experience in the production of sustainable packaging and we are happy to help you make the right choice in terms of design and materials. It is certainly not necessary to pay attention to the environment beyond the design. You can simply add a touch of luxury to the packaging that your customers will appreciate.

emballage som kan indeholde cosmetic

Gift boxes

The cosmetics industry uses many gift boxes and often combines different products that need to be presented beautifully – preferably with the possibility to reuse the packaging. Selecting a fully neutral box and using sleeves to give the various products their unique identities can be a flexible and cost-effective approach.

It is important to pay attention to the placement of logos and ingredients list: these are important details for the consumer when the product is on the shelf or needs to be “unpacked” in a private space.

If the products are labelled with the Nordic Ecolabel, we will help you to ensure that the packaging complies with the requirements.

Product development

A well-thought-out design

Development for the cosmetics industry requires that customers can see what they are buying. This can be accomplished by printing the goods outside of the box or adding a window to the box.

“Facing” on the shop shelf is also a challenge because of the large number of gift boxes: the design must be distinctive. We also have lots of graphic ideas to support your brand.

We take into account all aspects of co-packing and can meet all requirements for stackable and flexible solutions. We are aware of how important it is that the packaging complements the items and that the design is carefully considered in every aspect.

Looking for something else?

Get inspired

We work with a variety of materials, such as cardboard and metal, while putting the environment first. For example, would you like a beautiful gift box with the perfect embossing? Or perhaps a beautiful tin can with a shiny finish? We make packaging that meets both requirements. Customers of Conzept International have the option to select from a variety of sustainable materials to suit their unique needs and preferences.

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