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Plastic is a terrific material with high functionality and with a wide range of properties, particularly when it comes to food packaging the excellent barrier qualities is important. With an efficient sorting, plastic is a very efficient material to recycle into new products. But which type is best? We will give you an overview of the opportunities and challenges.


Most types of plastic have a high degree of recyclability: For example, traditional plastic cans can be crushed and directly used for molding new products. The biggest challenge when using plastic is to ensure that the material is sorted correctly so that different types are not mixed up. This requires effective constructions and places demands on the design. We aim to use only one single type when we develop plastic packaging.

Perhaps your new plastic packaging is produced in biobased materials made from corn starch or sugarcane. This is an efficient alternative to traditional oil based plastic and can easily be recycled and included in new plastic products, as long as it is recycled together with the same plastic type. In addition, we work with biodegradable plastic, which can be decomposed completely by air and moisture.

emballage til malaco


Let the customer see the product

The possibilities are many when it comes to plastic. Using a transparent plastic type, we enable the customer to see the contents through the packaging. Most of the plastic packaging we develop is molded. This method enables us to provide the packaging with a unique surface and special effects.

Smart mouth emballage

Simple and effective packaging of tablets. Filling and opening in the same lid. Solid and cost-saving packaging adapted to the product and the filling line.

Cases with plastic

Get inspired

Tab Labs mint pucks

Tab Labs cans

For Tab Labs, we have developed well-designed plastic boxes for pastilles. The cans are filled on an automatic line so that the sealing mechanism is carefully adapted to the filling machines and at the same time works optimally for the consumers.

Looking for something else?

Although plastic is environmentally friendly and the optimal solution for packaging many products, it may not be the obvious choice in your case. Instead, you can explore the sustainable solutions we develop from other materials.

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