Who are we

Conzept International focuses on creating innovative and environmentally friendly packaging from materials including tin, cardboard, paper, plastic and textile. We are dedicated about developing sustainable solutions that can improve our clients’ brand.


Packaging is not just wrapping and Conzept International is much more than just a supplier. With our innovative and creative approach, we challenge the norm and meet our clients’ needs to the highest degree. The right packaging not only enhances the company’s brand but also boosts the product’s value while being ecologically responsible and sustainable.

Our core narrative

Let’s wrap the future with care
We design and produce packaging that makes an impression. Your product needs optimal packaging, and we take pride in ensuring that the impression we leave on our customers’ experience only leaves a small imprint on the environment. We strive to develop sustainable packaging with consideration for climate, environment and working conditions, from the first sketch to the final recycling of your packaging. Partnering with us ensures that your packaging becomes an asset that increases the value of your product.
Packaging with Passion


Meet the Conzept International staff who share these important qualities:
extensive industry knowledge, the capacity for original thought, the desire to question accepted practices in product packaging, and
and last but not least, a strong commitment to sustainability.

Nicolai Conzept International
Nicolai Deleuran


Throughout the process – development, design, production and quality assurance – you benefit from Nicolai’s in-depth knowledge of the industry.

Karina Conzept international
Karina S. Berntsen

Head of sales

Karina has over 20 years of experience in developing unique packaging solutions in various industries. Karina specialises in sustainable packaging: how to reduce, reuse and work with recycled and recyclable materials.

Dai Jing


Dai Jing is dedicated to ensuring our defined quality in our production processes. Ensuring our quality standards is a must for Dai Jing, and every detail is thoroughly inspected. Dai Jing is physically present at our factories in China.

Peter Conzept International
Peter Thøgersen

Head of design

Peter will assist you in understanding the possibilities that are implicit in a special packaging solution because he has extensive experience in visualisation and 3D development. Peter has the ability to create a 3D model of your package so you can see exactly how it will appear in real life.

Katrine Conzept international
Katrine Laulund

Project manager

Your projects are always safe with Katrine. Katrine ensures the safe completion of your project by paying attention to details and being very coordinated.

Julie Conzept international
Julie Frellsen

Project manager

A packaging project can be very complex. But as a Conzept client, that’s not the case, because Julie brings a high level of experience and a detail-oriented mindset.

Britt Munk

Project manager

A high degree of detail, a broad overview and strong follow-up are a “must” in any packaging project.
For Britt, this is a completely natural part when she manages your project safely.

Dea Conzept international
Dea Marie Lassenius Kramp

Graphic Designer

Dea always has the most recent information on concept creation and packaging design. Dea makes sure that your packaging is so uniquely designed that clients prefer your products over those of your competitors.

Eva Conzept international
Eva Kjer

Finance Accountant

Eva takes care of the daily administration and financial management.

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