Just as important as the content is the packaging.


Your company creates a high-quality product, perhaps an organic face cream or a plant-based snack, but sales are not what was anticipated. You have sold the product to a number of significant retail chains, you are aware that the price is reasonable, and you have also succeeded in getting the product a respectable shelf location. Why then do customers not choose your product? Often, the simple explanation is that the packaging does not send the right signal to your customers.

Empire of Snus metal emballage

Be different from the competition.

The value of your product is increased by the proper packaging, which supports your brand. Perhaps it should be something little more unusual, like a tin can or a textile bag instead of a cardboard box? You must choose ecologically friendly packaging if you want to increase sales and protect the environment, as more people are choosing to buy greener products. And it doesn’t have to affect function or aesthetics.

The supplier as a business partner

Making use of your supplier’s expertise always pays off. You can receive helpful guidance on the available options if you present your wants and needs for the packing. Before production begins, you can get assistance with the design and even view the solution in 3D. You can make sure the new packaging functions well and communicates the intended message when customers need to make their choice in-store.

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