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We are experts in metal, especially tin, and we know exactly what the material is and can do. For the past 15 years we have been developing and finetuning our own tin box manufacturing in China. We have complete control over the manufacturing procedures and can maximize the material’s potential . When we are developing your new tin, the options are many. Tin is almost unlimited in terms of shape, function, surface and embossing.

Tin packaging is a recyclable choice

Tin is one of the most recyclable packaging choices because the metal can be recycled without compromising its quality. In fact, it is 100% recyclable. It just requires that the various elements of the packaging can be separated and sorted correctly, and we have that under control, of course.


Surfaces and prints

  • Shiny finish
  • Mat finish
  • Crackled finish
  • Rubber finish
  • Part shiny / part mat
  • Embossing in the material
Conzept international emballage til Spangsberg flødeboller
vitamin emballage



  • Lid/bottom
  • Hinging
  • Inside or outside edge/rim?
  • Functional inlay (e.g. dispenser)
  • Window
  • Punching
  • Round and organic shapes

Tin can be recycled 100%,
without losing quality.

Cases with tin

Get inspired

TRUST te emballage i metal


We have developed a modern, ground-breaking package for BKI, where we combine materials. The can itself has a logo printed on it, and the generic solution allows the volume to be increased.


EOS has got a smart snuff box that is completely different from the traditional versions. The innovative snuff box is elongated and has a sliding lid that can be pushed back and forth.

Empire of Snus metal emballage

Looking for something else?

Although tin is environmentally friendly and the perfect material for wrapping many products,
it might not be the most obvious choice in your case. You can now explore solutions we develop using other materials.

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