Gift boxes adds value to the product

Gift boxes

The visual identity of the items is very important in several businesses. Do customers choose your brand when buying gifts?

If you’ve ever taken an iPhone out of its packaging, you can quickly see how packaging can enhance a brand and raise the worth of a product. It is easy to see how competitive the market is for shoppers’ attention by visiting a mall right before Christmas, when gift boxes occupy the majority of the space. The packaging can be an incredibly important competitive parameter.

Visual identity

Gift boxes for delicious creams, luxury chocolate and exclusive jewelery are a discipline that places demands on the packaging supplier. The appearance must be luxurious and present the goods in the best way while also supporting the brand and sticking to the design manual. Customers want to see what they are purchasing, which requires a window in the box or a graphic showing the product. This is particularly significant in the cosmetics business.

emballage som kan indeholde cosmetic
Conzept international emballage i pap

Practical considerations

There are also all the necessary logistical considerations to be made: Do the gift boxes need to be stackable? Should the product be sold both in store and online? Should there only be a logo on the packaging, or is there a requirement for a list of ingredients? Should the box be generic with product-specific inlays? And how is the actual packaging done? That element must also be considered during construction in order to lower package costs.

Economy and Sustainability

Most frequently, paper, cardboard, or tin are used as the material for gift boxes. To give them an exclusive appearance, foil printing and embossing are common techniques. A sleeve and/or a sticker are other options for giving the product its identification if the package itself is completely neutral. It is often a cheaper and more environmentally friendly solution.

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