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Empire of Snus metal emballage

Metal packaging

The Swiss company EOS or EMPIRE OF SNUS was established in 2020 and provides tobacco-free nicotine snuff. Conzept has been involved from the beginning and has developed the box as well as the logo and design line in cooperation with the customer.

The unusual snuff box features a useful sliding lid that can be used in two different ways: Slide up and the box contains fresh snuffs, Slide down and the box reveals a small compartment where you can store the used snuff until you can discard it in a trash can.

Since there is no adhesive holding the two halves of the metal can together, it is simple to separate the trash.

Brand: EOS
Category: Metal & plastic

Empire of Snus metal emballage
Empire of Snus metal emballage
Empire of Snus metal emballage
Empire of snus

Working with Conzept International has been one of the greatest pleasures and smoothest processes I’ve ever experienced. I feel the team has truly put all its efforts into understanding and meeting my needs. Throughout the design process I have often introduced new ideas and the team was always motivated to try new and different ways. Without the support of Conzept International, the amazing result of our packages would not have been possible.

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