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In collaboration with Matas A/S, we have developed their Christmas gift boxes 2022 to make them even more sustainable. With changes to constructions where possible – and by looking at the choice of materials, we managed to cut down on their packaging consumption and at the same time reduce their consumption of plastic by more than 50%. The plastic that was still needed, we made from recycled plastic. It was an exciting process where all parameters came into play, so we ensured that the solutions lasted all the way, from packing until they were out on the shelves and finally waste could be sorted correctly.

“I have worked with Conzept International for several years and I have always met a highly competent team that has come up with innovative and sustainable solutions and at the same time considered all stages of the process. We are very satisfied with the collaboration and have felt safe throughout the process”
Kristine Johansen, Category Manager at Matas A/S

Brand: Matas Natur
Category: Cardboard

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