Mastika metalæske til pastiller

Next level packaging Metal packaging Lebanese MASTIKA was the first chewing gum company to offer a flavour of mastic without using sugar or aspartame. The flavour of resin is particularly well-liked in the Middle East and North Africa, where consumers also reacted well to the new product. In order to support the brand’s identity, we […]



Next level packaging A combination of materials German business CA CLEAR ALIGNER specializes in orthodontic correction in a smart and discreet way, using a transparent plastic brace. Customers always have their braces on them because they need to wear them every day. We created packaging in the form of a kiss with an appealing, gentle […]


TRUST te emballage i metal

Next level packaging Metal packaging The tea brand TRUST is owned and deployed by Danish BKI foods A/S, which has been importing coffee and tea since 1960. Today, BKI is one of the biggest coffee companies in Denmark, with local processing and Danish ownership. We have developed a modern and ground-breaking packaging design using the […]


Empire of Snus metal emballage

Next level packaging Metal packaging The Swiss company EOS or EMPIRE OF SNUS was established in 2020 and provides tobacco-free nicotine snuff. Conzept has been involved from the beginning and has developed the box as well as the logo and design line in cooperation with the customer. The unusual snuff box features a useful sliding […]


Next level packaging Metal packaging Cloetta Holland has developed a new mint, Sportlife Boost, which has won an award for “Chosen product of the year”. We are super proud that we have helped develop and produce the tin packaging for this award-winning mint. Brand: SportlifeCategory: MetalWebsite: What materials do you need? Tin Cardboard/paper Plastic […]


Next level packaging Metal packaging Innovative solutions – Construction, shape and function are all parameters that we have in focus when we develop new packaging.For our costumer MacDuff International, we have developed, designed and produced this lovely packing.The bottle is exclusively presented in this metal tin. With good protection and a nice simple visual presentation […]

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