Next level packaging A combination of materials German business CA CLEAR ALIGNER specializes in orthodontic correction in a smart and discreet way, using a transparent plastic brace. Customers always have their braces on them because they need to wear them every day. We created packaging in the form of a kiss with an appealing, gentle […]

Mint pucks

Tab Labs mint pucks

Next level packaging Plastic packaging Tab Labs is the largest producer of compressed chewing gum and tablets in North America. For an assortment of compressed tablets, we created a clever plastic can that resembles a puck. Since the cans are filled automatically, it was crucial that our closing mechanisms were precisely tailored to the filling […]

Simple Feast box

åben og lukke funktion på Simple feast emballage

Next level packaging Meal box molded in bio-based plastic The Danish company Simple Feast was established in 2014 . The company creates delicious vegetarian and vegan meals. Both the conventional food sector and how we view food are challenged by Simple Feast. Our goal was to create a reusable cooling box to replace the single-use […]


Empire of Snus metal emballage

Next level packaging Metal packaging The Swiss company EOS or EMPIRE OF SNUS was established in 2020 and provides tobacco-free nicotine snuff. Conzept has been involved from the beginning and has developed the box as well as the logo and design line in cooperation with the customer. The unusual snuff box features a useful sliding […]

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